Selasa, 30 Disember 2008

Business Opportunity Presentation

Venue : CIMB Wealth Advisors, Jalan Harimau Tarum,
Johor Bahru.
Time : 8 pm
Date : Yesterday Dec 30 2009 ( Tuesday)

Presentor : Cikgu Yusof & En Hishar

1. Introduction of the business
2. How to invest in Unit Trust
3 The potential to become a Unit Trust Consultant
4. How this business can create your passive income.

Sesi permulaan ditayangkan tayangan perkongsian Pn Azizah, yang telah berjaya menjalankan perniagaan unit trust. Sehingga kini telah memperolehi income 6 angka.
Apa yang menarik daripada perkongsian beliau, semangan yang berterusan, tidak reti berputus asa, cabaran yang dihadapi menjadi pendorong kepada participant untuk berjaya dalam perniagaan ini.

Kerja makan gaji: bila dapat gaji makan habis, tidak mencukupi untuk hidup yang lebih baik. Unit trust business menjanjikan pendapatan yang lebih baik jika dijalankan dengan penuh sabar, tanpa putus asa, dan berterusan melaksanakan tanpa berhenti. Insyaallah pasti Allah akan tunjukkan hasilnya.

Cikgu Yusof berkongsi bagaimana dengan lebihan pendatan boleh menjadi passive income didalam pelaburan unit trust. Kaedah pelaburan yang boleh menambah nilai terhadap wang yang ada. Dengan menyimpan di unit trust pulangan yang boleh dijangkakan 6% - 15% setahun dan berpotensi sehingga 40% setahun.

Penamaan amanah: Dengan membuka akaun penamaan amanah, hasil penat lelah menyimpan dan melabur dapat diperolehi oleh pewaris hanya dalam tempoh sebulan jika pemegang akaun meninggal.

Marketing plan: Perkongsian oleh En Hisyar, bagaimana pelan perniagaan yang disediakan membolehkan anda mengecapi pendapatan yang anda impikan. Usaha berterusan pasti membawa hasil yang lumayan.

Ahad, 28 Disember 2008

Achieving Your Dreams

There are many other things we wish for in life. Car. House. Career. Family. Holidays. The list goes on and never stop. How do we achieve all this if we are living on a fixed income?

One way is to get your money to work harder for you. All you need to do is start. When your assets accumulate over time, you may be in the financial position to have all you ever wanted. The rewards may potentially be more than you have ever dreamed of.
Taking charge of your financial position now will afford you the opportunity to create your own paradise. There are many ways to achieve financial rewards, the secret is knowing how to start.
If you are ready, I am glad to show you how. Just give me a call to YUSOF 014-61447145 or by email

Who Need To Attent This Career Presentation Session

This Career Presentation Session is open to anybody aged 21 years old and above. In my experience this session really give a good input for those:-
  • Want to come out from 8am to 5pm job.
  • Really bored with the money you earn compared to your time and energy you have been put to your job now.
  • To do a business with a very minimal cost.
  • Add more list of networking in your name list book.
  • Hate to work more then 8 hours but being paid like 8 hours job.
  • Have been work for more then 5 years but still not improving in term of family lifestyle.
  • You have been retrench from your job.
  • Fresh graduated.
  • Seeking for more money to support your big family.
  • Hate with all the work bureaucracy/ office politic.
  • Hate wake up early in the morning.
Ask yourself now, if you are a person listed as above, do make a call and book a seat for this career presentation session me: Cikgu Yusof 014-6144715 or come and see me at
CIMB Wealth Advisors, 23 & 23A, Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century, Johor Bahru this coming TUESDAY night at 8pm.

Sabtu, 27 Disember 2008


1st and foremost for this 1st entry of how to do a sales...I would like to share about a RAPPORT.....usually we almost wanted to get a big sales without realizing how important of this my experience, when I met a person (datuk) that was my 1st time met a high rank person..but when I used this's really impressive...during the early conversation he seems like close his heart and attention to what I am trying to explain...realizing that, I switch talking about his watch...about several minutes we talk about his watch and other collection of his watch....when I saw him happy to talk with me..then after that I started talking about my 1st intention to meet him..Alhamdulillah he had invest with me now....really big money..Thanks to Allah.


Sambil duduk-duduk menonton sinotron Isteri untuk suamiku..terfikir untuk memberikan sesuatu impak kepada laman blog saya ini. Justeru, sebagai permulaan saya ingin mengadakan pertandingan. Pertandingan ini mudah sahaja:

Anda perlu membina kad ucapan kepada prospek klien saya. Kad tersebut mestilah dalam bentuk interaktif yang membolehkan saya menghantar melalui email. Kad ucapan tersebut mestilah menarik, kreatif, profesional, dan berunsur ketimuran. Kad tersebut juga membolehkan saya mengedit ayat saya sendiri pada ruang ucapan didalam kad tersebut.

Hadiahnya adalah pilihan anda kerana ada 3 bentuk hadiah untuk menjadi pilihan anda. Anda perlu pilih yang mana satu pilihan hadiah anda jika menang sewaktu menghantar kad tersebut.
  1. Wang tunai RM50
  2. Voucher makanan.
  3. Top up bernilai RM50
Hadiah hanya boleh dipilih satu sahaja.

Hasil karya kad anda perlulah dihantar ke email
Tempoh pertandingan adalah sehingga bulan 31 March 2009.

Passive income vs Active Income

Passive income...what is that? What is the different between Passive income and Active income? By the way, most of the people around us really put an effort to get active income without realize that from that income they can earn passive income by putting aside a balance from their income after minus all expenses into Unit Trust. Because unit trust will drive and accumulate your money 6% to 15% a year return and have a potential to get even 40% to 50%. Let say from RM200 a balance from your monthly salary invest it into Unit Trust and after 25 years you will earn around RM300,000 to RM800,000. Can you imagine how big money you can earn.

But, Active income is different. You need to work for it, 8am to 5pm daily..sometime to do Overtime to earn more. But once you are not work for it, it will stop to work for you.

When to start? There always a time to start, as soon as possible. Because the longer you keep invest the more money you will earn in few years coming.

Happy invest.

10 reasons for you to quit from Makan Gaji job

Those who have been working for more then 3 years will understand what is the meaning of these 10 points.
  1. you have what it takes to succeed in the business
  2. you don’t like 9-to-5 job that force you to work like a donkey but earn like a monkey
  3. you want to escape the corporate rat race where normally they practice rat-eat-rat mentality to succeed
  4. you want to choose the people you work with
  5. you want to start business with minimal investment
  6. you want to travel overseas every year
  7. you want to work from home
  8. you want to reap the rewards of numerous tax advantage
  9. you want to enjoy the opportunity for unlimited income
  10. you want to have the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed
Source of information:

Don't wait until you will face it, there is a theory if you want to success like someone who is already success just follow as what he or she has done. Then you will success as him or her. So don't wait more longer to believe as what the points above given. You have many choices to grab, but make sure grab the right one.

Setting Goals

Setting goal is important because it is a direction for us to go. Without a direction or goals, bermakna tiada arah. Ibarat kapal di lautan tanpa pengemudi, ia akan bergerak hanya mengikut angin yang menghembus. 2009 will arrive just a few days, so I had already set my goals for this 2009.
  • Recruiting 100 new consultant using offline and online technique.
  • Personal sales 2 millions
  • Group Sales 6 millions
  • Generate 5 Agency Supervisor
  • Become an Agency Manager
  • Be a full time consultant by end of the year 2009.

Jumaat, 26 Disember 2008

FAST Training

For those who are still not yet sitting PASS (already change to FAST) will do that by register your name to the managment. The training will be held Feb 12 to 14 0f 2009. The trainer will come from HQ. Grab this chance to enhance your knowledge and skills as a Unit Trust Consultant.

Career Presentation for FREE

Cikgu Yusof and all his friend will do a Career Presentation on this coming Tuesday night, we are glad to meet all of you, to share our big success people, a success company, high leadership upline and excellent sales tools. I will share to you on how to get BIG sales, Big income and achieve BIG dream. We are from various bakground would like to show you how you can be from nobody to somebody, from hero to superhero..It is all FREE...just give me a call to book your seat. Only 10 seats are left for you to grab. Pick up your ohone and give a call to:

Cikgu Yusof 014-6144715

4,749 bakal diberhenti (sumber Utusan Malaysia 23/12/2008)

KUALA LUMPUR 22 Dis. – Trend pemberhentian pekerja diramal serius tahun depan dengan seramai 4,749 pekerja akan diberhentikan oleh 102 majikan dalam tempoh tiga bulan pertama setelah mengambil kira kelembapan ekonomi dunia.

Jumlah pemberhentian pekerja itu adalah angka rasmi yang dilaporkan oleh majikan, kebanyakannya dalam industri elektronik kepada Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) setakat ini.

Persekutuan Majikan-majikan Malaysia (MEF) pula menganggarkan 200,000 hingga 400,000 pekerja akan hilang pekerjaan tahun depan ekoran keadaan ekonomi yang diramal pada suku tahun pertama dan kedua 2009.

Berita selanjutnya di

  • Sediakan payung sebelum hujan: Ini adalah petanda awal bagi para pekerja di sektor industri elektronik agar mencari sumber pendapatan kedua agar masih ada tempat berteduh jika kaedah retrenchment diaplikasikan oleh majikan anda.
  • Peluang: Peluang perniagaan yang tidak memerlukan huge capital ada diluar, apa yang perlu terokai dan grab the chance once there are still a lot of chance.
  • Unit trust consultant: A job that suite for those who one to change their life style, agar menjadi lebih selesa, untuk keluar dari dunia makan gaji yang mengerah masa dan tenaga kita yang maximum tetapi dengan bayaran yang minimum.
  • Couch: I am here to share with those who want to know deeply about this job...a job that can put you in new era of high knowledge, service and technology.
Those nak tahu tentang perniagaan ini, can give me a call to Cikgu Yusof at 014-6144715 or can join or Career Presentation every Tuesday at 8 pm at
23 & 23A, Jalan Harimau Tarum,
Taman Century, 80250
Johor Bahru