Sabtu, 27 Disember 2008


1st and foremost for this 1st entry of how to do a sales...I would like to share about a RAPPORT.....usually we almost wanted to get a big sales without realizing how important of this my experience, when I met a person (datuk) that was my 1st time met a high rank person..but when I used this's really impressive...during the early conversation he seems like close his heart and attention to what I am trying to explain...realizing that, I switch talking about his watch...about several minutes we talk about his watch and other collection of his watch....when I saw him happy to talk with me..then after that I started talking about my 1st intention to meet him..Alhamdulillah he had invest with me now....really big money..Thanks to Allah.

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Good Blog, I think I want to find me, I will tell my other friends, on all!
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Thanks technology...just call me at 019-7608341 I can give full presentation to all your friends...tell them too about my blog..thanks again technology