Ahad, 28 Disember 2008

Who Need To Attent This Career Presentation Session

This Career Presentation Session is open to anybody aged 21 years old and above. In my experience this session really give a good input for those:-
  • Want to come out from 8am to 5pm job.
  • Really bored with the money you earn compared to your time and energy you have been put to your job now.
  • To do a business with a very minimal cost.
  • Add more list of networking in your name list book.
  • Hate to work more then 8 hours but being paid like 8 hours job.
  • Have been work for more then 5 years but still not improving in term of family lifestyle.
  • You have been retrench from your job.
  • Fresh graduated.
  • Seeking for more money to support your big family.
  • Hate with all the work bureaucracy/ office politic.
  • Hate wake up early in the morning.
Ask yourself now, if you are a person listed as above, do make a call and book a seat for this career presentation session now......call me: Cikgu Yusof 014-6144715 or come and see me at
CIMB Wealth Advisors, 23 & 23A, Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century, Johor Bahru this coming TUESDAY night at 8pm.

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