Sabtu, 27 Disember 2008

Passive income vs Active Income

Passive income...what is that? What is the different between Passive income and Active income? By the way, most of the people around us really put an effort to get active income without realize that from that income they can earn passive income by putting aside a balance from their income after minus all expenses into Unit Trust. Because unit trust will drive and accumulate your money 6% to 15% a year return and have a potential to get even 40% to 50%. Let say from RM200 a balance from your monthly salary invest it into Unit Trust and after 25 years you will earn around RM300,000 to RM800,000. Can you imagine how big money you can earn.

But, Active income is different. You need to work for it, 8am to 5pm daily..sometime to do Overtime to earn more. But once you are not work for it, it will stop to work for you.

When to start? There always a time to start, as soon as possible. Because the longer you keep invest the more money you will earn in few years coming.

Happy invest.

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