Sabtu, 27 Disember 2008

10 reasons for you to quit from Makan Gaji job

Those who have been working for more then 3 years will understand what is the meaning of these 10 points.
  1. you have what it takes to succeed in the business
  2. you don’t like 9-to-5 job that force you to work like a donkey but earn like a monkey
  3. you want to escape the corporate rat race where normally they practice rat-eat-rat mentality to succeed
  4. you want to choose the people you work with
  5. you want to start business with minimal investment
  6. you want to travel overseas every year
  7. you want to work from home
  8. you want to reap the rewards of numerous tax advantage
  9. you want to enjoy the opportunity for unlimited income
  10. you want to have the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed
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Don't wait until you will face it, there is a theory if you want to success like someone who is already success just follow as what he or she has done. Then you will success as him or her. So don't wait more longer to believe as what the points above given. You have many choices to grab, but make sure grab the right one.

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